Upcoming Shows



Wed 17 Apr & Thu 18 Apr: 7.30pm 

Caz Reitops Dirty Secrets, 80 Smith St, Collingwood 

Margot and Benedict present their show Jouissance, expanding on the philosophy of creativity invented by the legendary French philosopher Jacques LeCunt.

However, what begins  as an exercise in summoning the creative muse, turns into an exorcism of their demons (real and imagined). As their show falls apart to hilariously disastrous effect, they must battle the ghost of a hostile critic, neurotic breakdowns, the unwelcome intrusion of a (vastly more talented) rival and the debilitating effects of irritable bowel syndrome... or risk being trapped onstage forever. 

Can they rediscover the joy of creation on their quest for Jouissance? Can they stop squabbling long enough to get to the end of the show? Will the audience give them any applause – let alone grant funding?

Toxic Kiss is a regular comedy presence at the Sydney Fringe and now make their Melbourne International Comedy Festival debut.

Clare Hennessy and Richie Black are writers/performers who began their collaboration during their studying at NIDA, where they were surrounded by fodder for their show. Clare is a playwright and when she isn't making loud actor-type noises on stage she’s making loud noises with various musical instruments. Credits include Tongue Tied (The Old Fitz), A Period Piece (Old 505) and various outings as part of her other theatre company Left of Centre Theatre Co.

Richie is also a writer with credits including The Inspection (Old 505), Violent Extremism and Other Adult Party Games (NIDA readings) and Happy Monday (ABC), for which he won the 2016 AWGIE for Best Radio Play. 

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