Margot Koch



an album of speak-singing about human anatomy

Margot Koch graduated first in her class (and, her class size was large... but not so large as to indicate it was not a highly exclusive cohort). She graduated with distinction, high distinction, and distinction whilst high. 

She feels that german expressionism speaks loudly in her work, as it has been an informative element of her dreams for the last 12 months and she finds the distinction between reality and sleep an unnecessary one. Strindberg's dream play was probably her most notable work to date.

Margot specialises in communication training when she is not challenging societal mores and norms through her art. She believes that we are all just adult babies, and her communication style reflects this. She has published at least one paper in a reaaallly obscure literary journal you've not heard of on the 4 learning styles, or the 4 'Ms': The Meanderer, The Mighty, The Maladjusted and The Margot (very rare type).