Toxic Kiss


But we’ll define them anyway. They are a unique performance collaboration between artists Margot Koch and Benedict J. Jay-Jaye. 


Their work is focussed on general existence and the eternal quest for truth. It  combines the immersive, visceral and hybrid-art elements, challenging audiences to re-evaluate:


  • everything they take for granted

  • the general pointlessness of being

  • how the media sucks your will-to-live out through your eyes and sticks it in a meme (this is a metaphor). 


They met at NIDA (The National Institute of Dramatic Art), where they both studied and graduated. 


It was during their time at NIDA that they realised they shared an artistic sensibility with an emphasis on bold experimentalism, diverse practice, social activism and not caring what people thought. Their artistic alliance was really forged in the compressed intensity of NIDA - which was like an internment camp, except with bad coffee - so it was a really important time for them. Also, they don’t mean to go on about how they went to NIDA, but they just want to be clear they are qualified artists and not just a pair of wankers who make self-indulgent crap that no one likes. 


As contemporary Australian artists, we rely on the generous support of you, our public. Not only do we value the time you spend watching our shows, but we also value the money that you donate to us, unprompted. We're not saying we desperately need cash or anything, but if you were feeling generous and you didn't have any urgent bills to pay, we could always do with a little extra. If you love the arts and you understand the way it defines the cultural landscape (not as much as sport does, but still) you'd see it as a responsibility. Not that we're pressuring you or anything. But thanks in advance.