Acthung, Mein Kunst

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Brace yourself for the Kunst.

Follow the misadventures of famous theatre practitioners Margot Koch and Benedict J. Jay-Jaye on their quest for artistic nirvana in this brand new comedy web-series from Toxic Kiss. 

Latest Episode

Achtung Mein Kunst - Episode 5

Episode 5

In this devastating yet ultimately uplifting final episode of the viral mockumentary web series, Margot rediscovers the collaborative power of Toxic Kiss.

Previous Episodes

Achtung Mein Kunst - Episode 4

Episode 4

Deciding to turn adversity into beautiful art, our artistic heroes press on with rehearsals for their fringe spectacular. But disaster awaits ...

Achtung Mein Kunst - Episode 3

Episode 3

In the midst of a crisis, Margot must invoke various theatrical spirits to help her conquer self-doubt.

Achtung Mein Kunst - Episode 2

Episode 2

Following their acceptance of their show into the "Fringe Dwellers Festival", our heroes prepare themselves for inevitable success, accolades, respect and free drinks ... only to discover that all is not what it seemed.

Achtung Mein Kunst - Episode 1

Episode 1

We meet the legendary Toxic Kiss Theatre Company, get an insight into their dynamic rehearsal practice and watch as they receive some exciting news.

Cast & Credits

Margot Koch

Clare Hennessy

Benedict J. Jay-Jaye

Richie Black

Das Effekt

Alexis Orosa

Doktor Kerry Drinkwater

Jodine Muir

Tony 'Flair' Butchevsky

Steve Maresca

Jemima Chunder-Hurley

Stephanie Begg


Clare Hennessy

Voice Overs

Jodine Muir & Matthew Backer


Stephanie Begg

Written, Created & Produced by

Clare Hennessy & Richie Black

Directed, Edited & Produced by

Josh Mawer

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